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Department of the History of British Literature and Culture

Our research interests cover British literature and culture from the early Middle Ages until the 20th century. We co-edit the Peter Lang series TEXT-MEANING-CONTEXT", in which 18 volumes have appeared so far. Visit the Peter Lang Text-Meaning-Context website at

Our recently organised conferences and seminars include “The Creator and His Creature: 200 years of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” (2018) and “Romantic Interactions” (2019). In 2012-2019 the Department co-organised two Erasmus Intensive Programme projects, realised in a consortium of major European universities. Our students participated in international seminars on early modern literature and culture, and crises, conflicts and problems of today’s Europe and the world.


Main research topics

medieval drama

chivalric romance tradition

writings of the English mystics

religious iconography

medievalism in contemporary fantasy literature

Renaissance drama

reception of Shakespeare’s works in Polish literature and theatre

religious and secular poetry in 17th-century Britain

the 18th-century novel

interconnections between the novel, theatre and life writing from times the Restoration until Romanticism

Romantic literature and theatre

Polish-British cultural relations in 18th and 19th centuries

reception of 18th- and 19th-century British literature in Poland

the modernist novel

epistemology of the novel

philosophical and cultural aspects of twentieth-century poetry and drama

irony and the grotesque in English literature of the 20th century

literary translation from historical and cultural perspectives

Christian themes, motifs and imagery in English literature (prose, poetry, drama)