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Chair of English Linguistics

Members of the Chair of Linguistics are interested in contemporary linguistic theories. They pursue research on language contact, varieties of English and contrastive English-Polish linguistics as well as conduct synchronic studies in syntax and semantics (literary semantics, artistic semiotics, stylistics), phonology, phraseology and paremiology, discourse analysis (with a special focus on specialised discourses), computer-mediated communication and the language in the media.  

The members carry out individual and group research projects, also of an international character. They regularly participate in national and international linguistics conferences and organise international conferences at the Institute, such as SinFonIJA, the conference of the International Association of Literary Semantics and linguistics sections of the April Conference. They are also editors-in-chief of such linguistics journals as Studia Linguistica Iagellonicae Cracoviensis and Studies in Polish Linguistics as well as members of editorial boards of such periodicals as Journal of Literary Semantics