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Doctoral School in the Humanities

The Doctoral School in the Humanities at the Jagiellonian University offers a unique PhD programme in linguistics for young scholars interested in undertaking research in phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, language acquisition, historical linguistics or translation. The programme is based on originally designed courses taught by experienced scholars directly involved in research projects on a given subject, which guarantees a high level of instruction and helps to link the programme content with the latest trends in linguistic studies. The basic core of this education programme is formed by optional courses, thanks to which each young researcher can individually profile their own path of scientific development, focused on the implementation of an individual research plan and tailored to their interests and preferences. By acquiring competences that prepare a novice scientist to conduct independent research and to disseminate its results, and by gaining social skills necessary for creative thinking and acting, a PhD researcher develops abilities vital in initiating and managing individual and team projects. All this means that an important goal of our PhD programme is, on the one hand, to deepen the knowledge and skills of young scholars, and on the other, to offer a highly individualized approach to each participant, by providing support for their comprehensive personal, educational and career development.

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