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dr Andrzej Kurtyka

A graduate of Instutute of English Studies at the Jagiellonian University, initially affiliated with the Departement of English Language Teaching Methodology, and since 2006 with the Department of Pragmatics and Translation Theory. His academic interests have evolved from eclecticism and alternative methods in foreign language teaching towards intercultural business communication, linguistic pragmatics, discourse analysis, and translation. Currently he also focuses on written technical communication and is a trainer in intercultural communication and technical writing. As a translator, he concentrates on specialist texts in the humanities and social sciences. He has authored several English language coursebooks for the Polish Matura examination. He has participated in several international didactic and academic projects, e.g. he was the country expert for Poland in LACE (Languages and Cultures in Europe, 2007). In the Institute of English Studies he is also Erasmus+ Coordinator, secretary of the Kraków district committee for the English Language Olympiad, and coordinator of the cooperation between the Institute of English Studies and Motorola Solutions Polska.


Selected publications

(2019) I complain, therefore I am: on indirect complaints in Polish. Journal of Pragmatics, 153, 34-45.

(2007) On Technical Writing in Translation Training. [in:] Chłopicki, W., Pawelec, A. & Pokojska, A. (Eds) Cognition in Language: Volume in Honour of Professor Elżbieta Tabakowska.

Kraków: Tertium, 660-668.

(2007) From language to culture: on the intercultural dimension of foreign language learning and teaching. [in:] Pearson-Evans, A. & Leahy, A. (Eds) Intercultural Spaces: Language, Culture, Identity. New York/Berlin: Peter Lang, 57-72.

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(2005) Rozwijanie kompetencji międzykulturowej nauczycieli języków obcych. [in:] Mackiewicz, M. (Ed.) Dydaktyka języków obcych a kompetencja kulturowa i komunikacja międzykulturowa. Poznań: Wydawnictwo Wyższej Szkoły Bankowej, 83-95.

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