Ramon Shindler, M.Sc.

Graduate of the Department of Applied Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh and the Department of French at the University of Liverpool. Teacher and trainer in Sweden, Germany, Argentina, Belarus, Kosovo and at the Bell English Language Institute in Krakow. For many years worked for the British Council in Poland, Ukraine and Armenia.

Senior Lecturer in the Institute of English Philology at the Jagiellonian University.

Co-author (with W. Graniczewski) of, and actor in, the following educational entertainment series for Polish TV: Windy Lifts, The Perfect Stranger, Ups and Downs, 5-10-15, Lippy and Messy (The Wizard of Words),  The Best Guest Show. Publications: (With B. Duff) Language and Style In the Press, (with W. Graniczewski) Found Alphabet, Time for a Rhyme, Lippy and Messy Songs and Games, Lippy and Messy ABC.

Large body of translated works (literature, poems, academic articles), and proofreading of texts.