dr Izabela Curyłło-Klag

Assistant Professor in the Institute of English Studies since 1998. She teaches courses on literature, history and culture, mostly British and Irish.

Her academic interests focus on modernist fiction, dystopian writings, and the intersections between literature, history and culture. She is also an enthusiast of comparative studies, working on the reception of Polish writers (e.g. Witkacy, Gombrowicz, Mrożek, Tuwim) in the West. Because she likes visual arts, she has an interest in painter-writer figures and artists who combine the verbal and the visual modes. Other areas of her research include the early media theory of Marshall McLuhan, pop culture of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, materialism and the body, representations of war in literature.

She is currently working on a book-length comparative study of Witkacy and Wyndham Lewis. She has published numerous articles and presented papers at conferences in Poland and abroad, mainly on modernist fiction. She has co-edited an anthology of immigrant memoirs, The British Migrant Experience, 1700-2000, a volume of essays entitled Confronting the Burden of History (with dr hab. Bożena Kucała), a collection of texts on art and literature (with dr hab. Bożena Kucała and dr Magdalena Bleinert), as well as a book on textual materiality (with dr hab. Katarzyna Bazarnik). Her PhD dissertation, on representations of violence in modernist fiction, was published in book form in 2011.

In the years 2009-2010 and 2011-2012 she coordinated two Visegrad grants, with dr hab. Katarzyna Bazarnik, and dr hab. Bożena Kucała respectively. In 2015 she received an ESSE Bursary to investigate the Polish-English connections of Witkacy and Wyndham Lewis.

Dr Curyłło-Klag is member of the Wyndham Lewis Society, the European Association of Modernist Studies, Modernist Studies Association, the Utopian Studies Society (Europe), E.M. Forster Society, the Joseph Conrad Society in Poland, and the Polish Institute of World Art Studies. She has been PASE Secretary since June 2018. She collaborates with the Centre for Avant-garde Studies at the Jagiellonian University and with the Witkacy Institute in Warsaw. She is on the editorial board of the Witkacy! journal, where she is responsible for international collaboration.

Recently, Dr Curyłło-Klag has been involved in translation projects, translating, among others, Witkacy’s letters to Roman Ingarden (with Prof. Marek Rudnicki from George Mason University) and publications on modernist literature and art.


Selected publications:

"Nawiedzone miasto i wojna, która się nie kończy: Noonday Pat Barker” (“A Haunted City and War That Never Ends”), in: Powieść brytyjska XXI wieku. Eds. E. Kowal, B. Kucała, R. Kusek. Kraków: Jagiellonian University Press, 2018, 207-220.


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